Kunz & Germick is committed to providing our clients with the highest degree of personalized service to meet the needs of their company.

Loss Control Strategy

Kunz & Germick takes pride in gaining insight into each of our client’s unique needs and goals and works with the adjusters and loss-control managers to develop Loss Control Strategies with Plans of Action that address each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Timely and Concise Communication

Kunz & Germick keeps our clients fully informed on all significant events or developments with timely communication, including clear and concise legal analysis in easy to understand terms that enables our clients, at all levels, to make informed decisions on each aspect of their claims. This analysis is delivered in an easy to read captioned paragraph format in order to make it easier for our clients to read and reference.


On each referred matter, we provide a File Review, including exposure analysis and recommended Plan of Action within 30 days of receipt of file On each referred matter, we provide a File Review, including exposure analysis and recommended Plan of Action within 30 days of the assignment of the claim. We provide a timely Status Report to the client following each significant event or development. The File Review and Status Report are in a captioned paragraph format to make it easier to for our clients to read and reference. Each report is intended to give our client a complete picture of the current plan of action and the status of same, so that they do not have to waste valuable time reviewing multiple prior reports to gain that information.

Each report contains:

  • A thumbnail summary of all of the petitions in litigation, and the defenses being utilized;
  • A Summary and analysis of the recent significant event or development;
  • Detailed bullet points recommending specific steps for the client and the Firm to take to achieve our identified objective, in light of the recent significant event or new development; and
  • A listing of the major planned and anticipated events up to the completion of the plan of action, which is often, but not necessarily the anticipated date of the Judge’s Decision, Settlement Order, or Subrogation Lien recovery.

Value Analysis

Kunz & Germick provides our clients with a detailed, yet easy to understand, analysis of the valuation of all claims, including the Maximum Probable Loss and Expected Value, where applicable, so our clients can make informed determinations regarding the most cost-effective Loss Control Strategies to pursue for their claims.

Team Structure

At Kunz & Germick, we work as a team to give consistent and timely service to our clients.

Our comprehensive computer-based notes system keeps track of the status, Loss Control Strategy, valuation, and details of each claim and our computer litigation calendar system dockets all significant events. Both are accessible to all firm attorneys and staff, and enable immediate responses to client’s questions on files we are handling.

Our attorneys and staff takes great pride in using those resources to be able to quickly and accurately respond to any contact from our clients.

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